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Convert Normal Tap Water into a Super Cleaner!

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Clean, Disinfect and Deodorize with Ozonated Tap Water

Make Water Safe to Drink during Travel or Emergencies

FDA Food Safe. Greater than 99.99% Effective Against Bacteria and Viruses in Lab Testing.

Ready to buy a salt-free water-based cleaning solution? It's simple, low-cost and effective. Just fill the spray bottle or container with water, plug in the device, and convert water into a powerful on-demand cleaner. Safe to use on food and around children. Clean, sanitize and deodorize virtually any surface without leaving a residue. Use the same process to make water safe to drink anytime, anywhere.

The commercial food industry uses ozonated water to kill bacteria and viruses, remove pesticides and purify bottled water. Ozonated water kills the same germs as other sanitizers, but doesn't leave a lingering odor or chemical residue. That's because ozone is made from oxygen and is food-safe. You can use ozonated water just like any liquid disinfectant. The advantage is that ozone turns back into oxygen like magic, leaving no trace behind.

ozone molecule

1. Oxygen in water is converted to ozone
2. Ozone destroys germs, bacteria and odors
3. Ozone naturally changes back into oxygen

Our mission is to make ozone super easy to use, whether for household cleaning, sanitizing meats or fruits and vegetables, or purifying drinking water. Ozone can do it all with the help of water and a little electrical power, less than it takes to charge a phone. Water ozonation is cleaner and greener than any other chemical surface disinfectant, and safe to use on food or to purify drinking water.

Runs silently and only as needed. No moving parts or internal batteries. Continuously maintains ozone levels 24-7 while plugged-in. Always ready to use. No ozone health or safety concerns.

It's your turn to take the next step. Buying an ozonated water cleaning system is economical and safe for your family including children and pets. It's an all natural cleaner that removes odors and eliminates up to 99.99% of germs. And it comes with an unlimited supply of free refills! Perfect for a home, business, or travel. Ozonated water is environmentally friendly, no disposable wipes or single-use plastic. Welcome to a new way of doing clean!

What Our Customers Say

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What other cleaner is safe to drink?
I'm impressed! It's all natural and food-safe so I can spray it to clean meat, fruits and vegetables! What other cleaner can do that? I was hesitant at first until I tried it, much easier than cleaning food with baking soda. I put fruits and vegetables in a colander and spray them on all sides. The ozone spray removes dirt, pesticides, wax, germs and bacteria and it's clean and safe to eat. What other cleaner does that?


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